Transform Your Unconscious Money Beliefs


Transform Your Unconscious Money Beliefs

Have you checked out your “money beliefs” lately?
Ready for a *money breakthrough*?
I’ve always been fascinated by money beliefs, and it’s a topic I’ve coached a lot of people on over the years.
Especially for business owners, it’s important to see if you’re unconsciously pushing away money.
Here’s a mini-money beliefs quiz (self-assessment) below, if you’d like to give it a try…

Do This To Assess Your Money Beliefs

Read the below statements to yourself, out loud.
Notice your emotions, sensations in the body, thoughts.

1. It’s not OK for me to have all the money I want
2. Getting money is hard
3. I do not deserve a lot of money when others have less than me
4. Rich people are greedy or bad
5. I’ll lose love/relationships if I have a lot of money
What reactions did you notice, as you said these out loud?
What emotions or sensations came up in your body?
Here’s the thing: how we relate to money energetically, and what we project on to money unconsciously (our beliefs, emotions, patterns) can be such a mirror for our external reality.

Next Step

If you’d like to shift your relationship with money…
I invite you to check out this transformational podcast experience I co-created recently with amazing podcast host Stephanie James

I took Stephanie through a powerful money transformation process, and you can follow along and do it too!
This is the same process I’ve taken nearly 1,000 people through, and this is the first time it’s available online to the public.
I’d be grateful if you give it a listen – and go through the process with me for your own money transformation.