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Is there something really important in your life that you’re wanting — such as business success… financial abundance or stability… a satisfying love relationship… radiant health….or inner peace? 

Let Patrick show you how to release your deepest blocks to what you desire, and become unleashed to be a powerful creator of what you want most with a period.

Patrick co-founded a multi-million dollar business coaching company with 25 employees, and in 14+ years has coached and trained over 10,000 business owners worldwide. Now Patrick is founder and CEO of Inner Coach. Patrick believes that when people are unleashed to live their full potential, the world is a better place.


Life-Changing Transformation

Patrick helps business owners and self-aware people around the world to release their deepest inner blocks to the financial abundance and business success they truly desire -- to become a powerful creator of the financial abundance, relationships, health, and inner peace they truly desire.

Unlike conventional coaching, Patrick’s Inner Coach company provides powerful training and tools to help you work with deepest level issues and challenges that stop you from accomplishing the results you want -- the resistance, blocks, procrastination, limiting beliefs, core wounds. Rather than avoid the inner obstacles, you learn to skillfully work with them to create the life and business you desire.

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Practitioner Mastery

With his company Inner Coach, Patrick trains coaches and healers around the world in a revolutionary "inner coaching" approach that goes well beyond the traditional coaching approach.

You'll achieve dramatic life-changing results by learning some of the most effective healing and deep transformation methods currently available.

Patrick's vision is to train 1,000 coaches in the next 10 years to be masters of inner transformation and outer results.

Inner Coach's training programs will help you expand your skills, boost your confidence, and become a masterful coach.... and expand your business knowledge and skills in order to become a financially successful business owner.

Business Coaching

As a business coach, Patrick specializes in coaching ambitious and visionary coaches and business owners to create a greater level of impact in the world while breaking into 6-figure and 7-figure revenue levels.

Patrick has worked with many of the best known leaders of the coaching and transformation industry to become liberated from the unconscious beliefs and core wounds that are running their life – and to unleash the potential within.

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Patrick Dominguez training at Mindvalley


  • Over 2,000 client coaching and healing hours
  • Trained and certified in many of the world’s most transformational Coaching & Healing Modalities, including:
    • Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer
    • Certified Havening Practitioner
    • Certified Brainspotting Practitioner
    • Certified Mental and Emotional Release (MER) Practitioner
    • Certified Superconscious Transformation Method Practitioner
    • Certified in 5 Trauma Healing modalities
  • Also Certified or Trained in:
    • Internal Family Systems, Voice Dialogue, Family Constellations, Transformational Coaching Method, Reimprinting, Parts Work, Re-Creating The Self, Huna (Hawaiian Shamanic Healing), Money Breakthrough Method, Intuitive Intimacy, Practitioner Mastery Academy, Ego State Therapy, Satori Protocol, Expansion Brainspotting, Reparenting Protocol
  • Founder of the Inner Coach Practitioner training program


Prior to his coaching businesses, Patrick Dominguez was the marketing director/lead for 5 organizations, including large corporations, startup businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

As the head of marketing for Tesco department stores based in Prague, Czech Republic, Patrick helped develop the #1 department store brand in Eastern Europe ($400 million in revenues).

One of the great pleasures for Patrick was being the VP of Marketing in the early days of Pandora Music’s path to helping millions of people discover great music.

Patrick holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Patrick Dominguez Inner Coach