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Become a powerful creator, release limitations… and create a business, relationship, health and inner peace beyond what you’ve thought possible.

Meet Patrick Dominguez

Is there something really important in your life that you’re wanting — such as business success…financial abundance or stability… a satisfying love relationship… radiant health….or inner peace?

Let Patrick show you how to release your deepest blocks to what you desire, and become unleashed to be a powerful creator of what you want most.

Patrick co-founded a multi-million dollar business coaching company with 25 employees, and in 14+ years has coached and trained over 10,000 business owners worldwide. Now Patrick is founder and CEO of Inner Coach.

Patrick believes that when people are unleashed to live their full potential, the world is a better place.

Learn the secrets to being a Powerful Creator
of a business and life you love
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What I Do

Transform Your Life
& Business

Discover what’s blocking you from having the financial abundance, the love relationship, or the inner peace you really want. You’ll be amazed to discover what’s really going on inside. And then become a powerful creator of what you’re truly longing for – in business, relationship, health and inner peace.
Create A Highly
Profitable Business
Get the highest level of 1:1 coaching to grow your business by following a system proven with 1,000s of clients. As a business coach, I specialize in coaching ambitious and visionary coaches and business owners to create a greater level of impact in the world while breaking into 6-figure and 7-figure revenue levels.

Listen to my best podcast episodes and training videos.

I’ll give you tools and insights for you unleash yourself and reach your highest potential


Success Stories

One of the most profound forms of healing I’ve experienced!
This method is so fricking profound. In a very simple, elegant way, it gets to the core. Even if you’ve done a lot of work already, this work really gets to the root cause. I highly encourage you to do it. It’s amazing!

Sage Lavine
CEO, Women Rocking Business

My Best Year Ever In My Business!

Last year was my business’ best year ever. And I had one of the biggest months I’ve ever had as a chiropractor all 17 years.

Patrick’s helped me release fear and get into action. I feel like there’s a shift towards really having the practice of my dreams. Working with Patrick’s awesome, he’s a master coach.

Dr. Matt GreenVillage

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